Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Newest Passion

My newest passion is working on fingerless gloves. I just love how they look and how they feel.
Here in California, we don't really need to wear them, unless it's cold for a few days in winter. They come in really handy when driving and the stirring wheel is either very hot or freezing cold.

These I made from some left over yarn I had left from way back. I love to crochet and the shell stitch is my all time favorite. you can find these at my Etsy Shop here

When I saw this yarn in the store, I could not resist, I had to buy it and of course create some more fingerless gloves. If you like to purchase them, you can find them at my Etsy Store here

These winterwhite fingerless gloves with the steel grey accent can be worn 2 different ways: one in which the braid is on top, or hidden in your palm, with a clean and smooth looking knitting stitch.
You can find this glove at my Etsy Store here