Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Headband Galore

It is Winter time and I went crazy creating some awesome looking headbands to sell at my Etsy store

These headbands are available at my Etsy store All About My Crafts

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Handmade Wash Cloth

These handmade wash cloths are made from 100% cotton by Sugar 'n Cream.
Some I knitted using the seed stitch pattern, while others I used the mini squares pattern.
These are so soft and absorbent, fantastic for your daily facial cleaning routine,
or ....
in the kitchen, instead of sponges. 

these wash cloths can be machine washed and machine dried, perfect for the busy woman.

Now available at my Etsy Store

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Brown/Teal Market Bag

Originally I made this market bag to sell at my Etsy store, but my daughter liked it so much that she put it on her birthday wish list. I like the combination of soft teal and dark brown. It reminds me of a tropical beach.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Striped Shopping Bag

I had so much fun creating this bag. Had some loose end yarns that I needed to use up somehow. The wrap around handle makes it possible for this bag to hold a watermelon with ease.

For this flower embellishment I used some vintage lace and a vintage dress buttong, that I found in my mother in laws old sewing box. 

Here is a close up how I finished the wrap around handle, to make it look like a strap, finished of with vintage lace and vintage dress button.

When I added this bag to my Etsy shop, it was sold out in less than 2 hours.
Even so it is not available anymore, you may like to check out my little store for other items https://www.etsy.com/shop/AllAboutMyCrafts

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Journey Mini Album

I made this little mini album a while back, to sell on eBay. It sold really fast and I hope the winner has fun adding her special pictures and memories.
I thought it is neat little place to add ones little memories of a once in a lifetime travel, filled with photos, memorabilia and personal notes.

Front Cover Page

The cover page is adorned with a large paper flower. In the middle I added a 3-D sticker with the word 'trip'. To the right I added to the cardboard bracket 2 mini brads and the sticker word jet lag. The swirl is a felt embellishment. At the bottom I placed  a large brad over a ribbon. 
The spine is embellished with several ribbons

Page 1 and 2
I loved the newspaper print paper. It's perfect to add a photo. The little triangle pocket with the little sticker word 'begin' is perfect for a ticket stop to mark the beginning of a trip.

 Page 3 and 4
The ribbons placed around the corners of the left page are ideal for tucking a photo underneath and the page to the right the owner has the option to add some journaling or another photos. As you can see I love doodling. I added the word from the sticker 'destination' to both sides between my doodling. I popped the sticker word 'destination' up with a foam adhesive strip.

Page 5 and 6
More doodling on the left left page and a felt swirl. This time I added a larger pocket that could hold a few little memorabilia's or photos. To the top of the right page I added foam adhesive again to pop the 'Family Vacation' up. The strip to the right I crimped with a paper crimper, to give it a bit more dimension and added a large brad underneath. 

Page 7 and 8
These pages offer more pockets. I know from my travel there are always little ticket stops or paper  cuttings. As you can see I added more of my doddling, too.

close ups of page 7

Here is a close up of the tag on page 7. In the middle I added a piece of the newspaper print, made the leather flower pop up with a pop dot and added a 3-D sticker to the top.

 Page 9 and 10
I left these two pages pretty simple to add either just photos or a photo and some journaling. I wove some ribbon through the bracket on the left page and added some of my simple doodling to the left page to combine the word on the top and the paper ribbon on the bottom.

Page 11 and 12
I added some ribbon the the metal strip with the word 'Together' on the left page and more doodling on the right page.

Page 13 and 14
The left page holds 2 corner pockets adorned with buttons and the left page offers a pull out page for additional photos or journaling.  

Close ups of page 14
I cut a half circle to page 14 to make it easier to grip the pull out.

I rounded the leaves of the paper flower to make it 3-D and added some inking around the edges. The large brad in the middle 

Page 15 and 16
Pull out pages are so much fan and naturally they add a bit of excitement when pulling them out, wondering what they will show. Because of the pull out, I left the left page pretty plain, just cut out the half circle to make the pull out a bit easier. The right page has yet another pocket for either photos or more memorabilia. I opted to add a half flower this time with a large brad.

Close up of Page 15
I decided to use the same paper for the pull out page as for page 15. I made the circle cut out a bit larger and added some doodling, to help recognize that there is a page to pull out.

Page 17 and 18
These two pages were so much fun to create. I hadn't used eyelets in so long, but since i always like the way they look I couldn't resist to add some. For the left page I created a paper frame, making sure to leave the top open, so the owner of this album can slide a photo into it.

Close ups of Page 17

The close ups really show well how I created the little corners. I added the eyelets to the bottom of the paper triangles and made the top triangle pop up with foam squares.

Page 19 and 20
The last two pages in this little mini album are reserved for the departure. Little trinkets could be slid underneath the ribbon or one could just add a photo. For the right I created a 3-D photo frame.

Close up of page 19
The little clear bubbles on top of the sticker letters add some extra interest.

Close up of page 19
This frame was very easily done. Just cut into the paper diagonally and than fold the paper from the inside out and than I added a little flower brad to hold the fold overs down..

Back cover page
The back page marks the end of the journey. I tore the middle of a square piece of paper out, than inked around the edges, so the paper would add some interest to the frame. The square tag is designed with a little paper square, some doodling around the corners and the 3-D sticker word 'end'. Instead of a ribbon I added twine instead. The tag is adhered with foam square adhesive.