Sunday, August 25, 2013

Baby Girl Afghan

Made this baby blanket and sold it on ebay. A few years ago I made one similar to this one as a gift for a baby girl. I added ribbon around the edging and created ribbon bows on the corners. It came out pretty good.

Friday, August 16, 2013

American Flag Bag

From the left over yarn I made this American Flag bag. It is a nice bag that can be used when going to the beach or shopping. It is big and holds a lot of item, for example it would easily hold 2-3 beach towels.

This bag  is SOLD OUT at my Etsy store All About My Crafts

American Flag Afghan

Since I always made things for my daughter, my son often felt left out. I am mean really, what is there that you can do for boys? For a few years he has been bugging me to make an afghan for him, but we could never agree on the design. One day he came and asked if I could make him an American Flag afghan, which of course was very doable. Here it is at last, the finished project. I was already told many time that he will treasure forever, which just warms my heart, because I know all this waiting finally paid of.

The whole afghan is done in double crochet stitches. The number stars of course have a meaning to me and my son, which I will not disclose for personal reasons.