Sunday, July 15, 2012

Up Cycling a Red Vines Plastic Container

Some of you may wonder what up cycling is, well it took me some time to figure that one out LOL It is when you recycle something that you would normally throw away and than decorate it to make it pretty! 

So today I up cycled a Red vine plastic container. It's nice and large and I need something large to store all my flowers in. I am so tired of looking through all the little packages one by one until I find the flower I like to use, sooooo ... I decided to create a large flower dump container LOL and here is how I did it:

This is the red vine container that I am going to decorate

I tried to remove the red vine paper from the bucket, but that would have been a tedious task, so I opted for leaving it as it is. I measured the width I needed to cover all of the red vine paper and 2 pieces of paper of the same design. I wanted it to much some what on the seams, since 1 paper wouldn't go around the whole container.

To adhere the paper I decided to use Mod Podge, because it is a strong adhesive that will adhere the paper I am using nicely and dry fast, so I don't have to wait all day to continue decorating 

The container is not going straight down, sadly the circumference is smaller on the bottom than on the top. I decided to match the seam on one side almost perfect, while the other side is a little off. I don't care about things like that, because once decorated nobody will even notice.

I found this left over rickrack that matches the paper perfectly. Decided to add it above the paper and to the bottom of the paper. Adhered it with ZipDry, because that glue dries really fast. Love it!

Since the container is smaller on the bottom than the top, the paper I adhered to the container looked a little off, so I decided to cut 2 thin strips and added them to the top of the paper. Problem is solved, nobody will even notice that it was added on separately.

The next step is punching out enough flowers to cover the paper all around. I love doodling, so naturally I decided to doodle around the outer edges of the flower. To show you how easy doodling is, I decided to add this little step for you to see. 

After I went around the outer edges ones, I did the same again and again. 3 times, because for me it just looks better. You can do it how ever often you like, until it looks best for you.

By the way, I am in love with Sharpies, thought I share with you :)

As you can see now, I am working the flower I punches out to make it appear more 3-dimensional. I soft folded all 5 petals, just enough so they would stand up a little.

Now I pinched each pedal to add additional interest.

Here you can see how the flower looks after it has been worked.

With a paper piercer I eyeballed the center and poked a hole, so the brad that I am going to add (and the small flower) would go through safely (don't want to rip the paper LOL).

Backside of my paper flower. I am showing you the image of the adhesive I used to adhere the flower to the container. I prefer this adhesive, because it is really sticky and not as expensive as glue dots.

And voila! You can see here the finished project. I really like how it turned out. Thinking we need to eat some more of those red vines, because I now want to make at least one more identical container LOL Isn't it pretty? It took me only one hour and a half. Love fast crafts.

I added one of my paper flowers to the lid, but adhered it to the inside, because the lid will be handled a lot. This way the flower will stay in place forever :)

Added all the flowers I could find (I am sure I have some more laying around somewhere LOL). Pretty neat to have everything in one place now and best of all the flowers have enough room without being squished.