Tuesday, July 17, 2012


After I was finished with up cycling the Red Vine container I decided to create some cards. When I create cards I usually use one sheet of 12x12 paper, which equals 6 cards, but today i had also some scraps left that I wanted to use up right away, so here we go:

First card: Very simple, paper scrap, flower, brad and the 'thank you' rub-on

Second card: I used 4 scraps of paper, 3 larger size ones and the one thin one; it's hard to see, but the thin one is just a row of circles. Added some brads and the rub-on greeting.

Third card: I had a large strip of paper left. The first card I just added a ribbon to the side and glued some see through tiles and a button on top. Added the greeting rub-on and a little rose brad.

Fourth card: For this one I chose a velvet rickrack ribbon that I had left over, a flower with a large brad, the 'thank you' rub-on and a couple of those see through tiles.

Fifth card: For this one I actually cut a 12x12 sheet of paper into 6 sections, each one being 4x5.25". Again very simple, just a ribbon, 2 flowers layered on top of each other, held together to the paper with a brad and the rub-on greeting.

Sixth card: This card is cut from the same paper as card # 5. Since I wanted the 'thank you' to show up, I just added it closer to the flower.

Hope you enjoy my cards. They have been really easy to make and look much better than my camera can capture.